Our Service:
-Air and Ocean Freight for both export&import
-Door to Door
-Warehousing and Distribution
-Customs clarance/customs declaraion
-Packing and Crating
-Other Service

Three Stars Logistics is working in teams which cosist of experienced and dedicated professionals with up to date
knowlage surronding internaional transport world. internally, the company promotes customer care attitude, efficiency
maintained many based customers and had also succeded in major tranfortation projects.
in the milenium, Three Stars Logistics will continue to sustain growth and confidently face the revolution in international
trade and transportation to meet the challange of the intensifying global competation.

FIATA member and during years of operation has-recieved numerous achivements awards from major airlines, we have also seen constans grow in our export and import air freight volume that we handle around the world , today, our service has included airport to airport till door to door service. being the appointed agents of major air lines has also given us the adventages
to offer many choise of carries with higher frequencies and more capacities at competative rates At The Stars Logistics, e will continue to ensure the balance beetwen the service quality and value of money to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Our Service Include FCL, GOH, Buyer Consolidations, Project Services and LCL sshipment through our wn LCL
direct consolidations service to many port in the world. our ocean frieght service offers costumers for more than
simple reductions in freight rates but our logistics support also provides added valye service to costumers.

Using our hoyse B/L for banking purpose allows less-cirtical documents to move thtough the banking channels
while the actual customers clearance documents and the ocean bill of lading my be immedietaly disptched for
costums declarations. in additions, our documentations departemrnt will ensure that the house B/L is quickly prepared
and resposive on correction and amendement. proof of delivery at destinations may also be provided on request.
in short, our ocean freight service may provide tailor-made and highly personalized service, which are constantly enhanced.

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